Forget The Past: A Poem by Steve Taylor

Forget the past.

It’s just a dream you keep alive by dreaming
A balloon that wants to hit the ground and burst
But which you keep afloat by thinking.

The past is only a tail
You keep dragging behind you
Collecting dust and dirt
Until it’s so heavy with bitterness and regret
It stops you moving forward.

You don’t have to sit there and watch
While the scenes of your past play back
The tragi-comedy of your life
Simmering with hurt and envy
Shuddering with embarrassment
Stabbing yourself with pangs of regret.

There is no past
There are only memories of events
And every memory is refracted through
A hall of mental mirrors
Until whatever once was true
Dissipates and disappears
Like vapour trails fading in the sky.
So cut the tail, and cut the tale
Turn the mental projector off
Don’t strain your eyes trying to see through the fog
When the panorama of the present stretches
Clear and bright around you.

By Steve Taylor

For more works by Steve Taylor visit:


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