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Using the discipline of Distance Reiki, I have developed a way to connect the energy of the cards with the recipient. No matter where you are, feel rest assured the answers you are looking for is only a click away.

Please click one of the three options below and pay along with entering your email. Upon doing so, you will receive an electronic-form requesting the questions that you would like to ask the Cards.

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May you find the answers that will lead you on your path!

Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via the “Contact” page listed above.

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Online Tarot – 5 questions

8 is the number of change. Original price is $10, but in celebration of my intention and wish for you, please accept this sale price. 2019 is waiting to embrace all of your dreams and passions that you have not made a reality yet. Sale price will end 1/2/2018. Dive in, find insight, and make it happen!




Online Tarot – 10 Questions




Online Tarot – 20 Questions