The Power of Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on therapy that reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and aides in healing.  The word Reiki, which means Universal Life Force, can be broken up into two words – Rei and Ki. Rei means Universal or Omnipresent- present everywhere at the same time. Ki, sometimes spelled Qi, is the non-physical energy that brings life. Many eastern cultures have an understanding of what this is and call it by many names. Christians call it Holy Spirit.

During a Reiki session, the Practitioner acts as a vessel to allow the energy to direct itself into the client by the laying of hands. It is important to note that the hands do not have to touch a client for the Reiki energy to transmit. This energy then goes to needed areas of the body to allow the client to heal. Many clients have reported that during a session, or even days after a session, feeling positive changes in their body.


“To heal from the inside out is the key” – Wynonna Judd





Here is what Sky says about Reiki-

Reiki belongs to no one. It is all around us. It’s how God made the world. Similar to how a mom places her hand on her toddlers boo-boo, and it is able to heal, we must realize that everyone uses Reiki unknowingly. It does not belong to any one religion. It is a Universal Life gift.

Reiki education merely teaches and disciplines someone on being aware of its existence, and how to become a vessel. It is not a power created nor destroyed. It doesn’t become a “power” that then is owned by the practitioner. It is a gift to those who attune to its constant flow.

In that same fashion, Reiki energy goes to where it’s needed, as long as it is accepted by the one in need of healing and flowing in love through the vessel that is the Practioner.

To be a vessel takes great discipline and self-care. A Reiki Practicer should never practice unless he or she knows that their Chakras are aligned and that all negative energies are not in the way of letting the Universal Reiki flow. We must do our best to protect those we take care of. We must be grateful that Reiki first healed and grounded us before we pass it on.

And most of all, we must love our neighbor and every living thing and work honestly in everything we do. For how can we pass the gift forward if we take for granted the gift that was given to us?

Other general information/perspectives on Reiki-

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